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Booties different toe, different styles

Short boots are the must-haves for the kitchen in the cold season. To keep the temperature without loss of grace, there are a pair of short boots, which can be described as a top priority in the day when the temperature drops dramatically. According to the toe, boots pointed, round, square head, why choose tangled boots choose what "head"? Choose toe to take style right ah. Pointed slender bones revealing a sexy taste, and allows a woman to take the ride to adidas superstar its peak, at the same time rough with boots design solid and comfortable, taking into account the beauty of real wear. Therefore, the pointed boots for more wear style is more feminine or light Mature women. Round head boots were adidas originals significantly more gentle, there is no strong momentum adidas sale in the inside, quite satisfactory feeling, so wear round boots more limited adidas boots to the age of. Combination of low-heeled design, so no stress on the walk without pressure. In addition, the choice of the first layer of leather material, soft and delicate but also wear durable. A lot of tide boots have a lot of tide brand out, girls wear not only age but also feel Meng Meng da. If you are a love-cool cool girl, big round head boots are very suitable. Combination of snow boots style, warm in the cold season strong, good protection of the calf, short paragraph of the snow boots but also good stretch leg lines.

The square boots are more neutral sexy, is a lot of European and American street film actress will choose a section, easy to handle properly, full of style. Fusion upper hollow and strap design, revealing the skin sexy and stylish, but also add femininity. This selection of wide ribbon as a lace, eye-catching decoration and youth fashion. Personality toe can easily harvest the focus of everyone, if you are a personality girl, then this hollow toe Martin boots is for you. Hollow stamina vamp to create, not only have the characteristics of fresh and breathable role, coupled with the smart cross winding belt in the upper, with a kind of real and capable charm.