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How to pick small boots? 3 strokes quickly resolved!

Short boots are also winter girls essential, in fact, there is a misunderstanding is that many girls think it is easy to wear short boots look broken leg, try to pick short boots is also a skill, especially small girls, choose the length of the leg was particularly important boots It's The pointed boot is visually adidas sneakers more leggy than a round one, because the pointed end has the effect of extending the leg, so pointed shoes wear a lot taller and taller. Refuse to thick soles, many girls in order to show height wear loose shoes, in fact too thick soles will appear particularly bulky, but counterproductive. Boot length is also exquisite, boots help is best at the ankle, if the boots help to the calf position, it will make the legs layer, adidas store it seems natural leg was short. So small girls know how to choose winter boots it?

British style Martin boots is every girl's autumn and winter must-have, these boots are designed to help low, stylish sense of wear is particularly strong, whether it is with socks or pants will be particularly good-looking, soft and comfortable fabric, wear it completely will not Injured feet, retro and have a sense of age reduction. Chelsea Martin boots are particularly suitable for the party of adidas tennis shoes students, soft and comfortable shoes, fabric, the upper exudes a touch of gloss, so that the entire section of the shoes look full sense of the pointed design with random will look good, with rivets designed, full of street style taste. Retro and age of the rough with Martin boots to wear a sense of sophistication, rough with the design to wear not only to walk comfortable, but also full of fashion sense, shoes, soft and comfortable fabric, full of shiny fabric look like a full range of short casual design Will wear particularly good-looking. Socks boots special fire this year, this boots with ordinary Martin boots design with socks, so that shoes look more sense of age-reduction fashion, pink design looks particularly cute, is a particularly suitable for student party boots .

A plus cashmere British style shoes, shoes adidas shop are designed with a thick, strong comfort to wear, as well as to increase the height of the effect of bright matte and matte material splicing, so full of sense of shoes, retro Martin boots are all Girls will be particularly good, there is the taste of the age-reduction and fashion. Bright leather design upscale feeling full, shoes are short section design, stitching the material, so that shoes look layered, casual wear will be particularly significant legs, is a very suitable student girl's boots.