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Learn to wear shoes, pick shoes, running marathons are not afraid!

To say that every year, what style of popular shoes, this does not get a positive answer; but Xiaobian dare to be sure, no matter how good shoes also have a run-in period is very painful; I believe every woman knows that the new buy When wearing the shoes will inevitably occur when the phenomenon of grinding feet, often because it is too hard to wear very uncomfortable, and even toe toe swelling, foot blisters foam, or even wear ankle at the skin, which is very distressing thing. However, the woman's feet, like the second face, the same need to be treated with care; Xiaobian today found several ways to help you eliminate the pain of shoes, learn these daily tips, you no longer have to worry about The running-in of the new shoes is over; let's take a look at it. New shoes wear foot cream at the foot cream, or a wet towel to dry, and then thoroughly soaked in white wine, with a adidas originals clip fixed in the grinding feet, place a night, can play the role of softening the leather. Apply a little peanut oil or lubricating oil on the foot of the shoe to prevent the heel from wearing too tight and reduce the friction. You can use the hair dryer, according to the site of shoe grinding foot blowing, until the blowing part of the softer shoes some; then use the hard objects aimed at that place to adidas outlet smash some. The principle is to grind the hard part of the foot will not hurt the foot. Waste newspaper rubbing into a ball, slightly wet with water, and then take a newspaper bag, and then squeezed into the shoes where the foot, remember to be tight enough to be effective. The whole pair of shoes with a very soft fabric, wearing a high degree of comfort; toe is a small square design, more trendy; pure color system for the visual spindle, with a sweet lace, very wild; heel for With the rough with, wear a day will not feel tired; toe texture soft, not easy to wear folds; heel is also soft, from the shoes themselves to solve the problem of grinding feet.

The midsole on the inside of the shoe is treated with the addition of a foam layer, which is more comfortable than most shoes on the market. The outsole is made of abrasion-resistant and non-slip soft tendon at the end, more resistant to abrasion and skidding, The role of sound, adidas store to avoid the noise of high-heeled walking left a noisy impression. The most beautiful sandals in midsummer light years, the face of a fresh feeling; upper with a word of lace design, above a mosaic neat and orderly nail, even more dazzling, eye-catching; flat design Let wear more comfortable, casual wear long will not feel tired, feet can be the greatest degree of relaxation. The first thing that catches new adidas shoes the eye is that the surface is criss-crossed with vintage crochet lace, which is full of retro linen summer wind. The matte epidermis makes the upper full of luster caused by the texture due to sunlight, Charming; laces can be tied behind the ankle, can reveal more elegant temperament of literature and art. 4.5 cm thick with the design, fully ergonomic fit the appropriate height, making the process of walking smooth and comfortable and feel; maybe you will think they are too delicate, but it is such a thick line and bulky support for the entire Mary Jane shoes, in order to better reflect the wearer's legs slim.