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Shoe look woman, which one pair you wear today?

Shoe on the subject adidas stan smith of much attention, sometimes look at shoes, you can see a person's character. For some people's favorite pair of shoes, worn out, will buy another pair of the same, so have a strong sense of challenge, so many people's personality can be completely seen from the shoes. In general, people who wear high-heeled shoes and are always in control of the situation are very confident. Therefore, as long as the people who wear high-heeled boots are present, they have a sense of security immediately and their work is decisive. Rough with Martin boots, people of different sizes are more wild, square adidas store design seems on the grade, pink cool casual, full of sexy girl. People who wear Mules shoes are those who will bravely stand up and say a toast, and they will be excellent public speakers who are very confident, sociable and just like to be the focus. Sole soft and comfortable, the upper legs to fill the small, a pair of shoes to wear, so barefoot personality, wild, coupled with the coat is still stylish, usually accompanied by the wide leg pants to wear up very literary Fan.

Happy shoes are generally perfectionist, more responsible and reliable, but also details of the control oh, they will control every detail, perseverance, treatment of friends, the case is also very faithful. Thick section to wear comfortable and casual wear, orange embellishment looks very cool casual, tall and thin legs, with a pair of jeans to wear a stylish personality, street flavor full. Although it seems a little materialistic, like a stiletto heel, his work is very hardworking, firm in his stature, prominent in his professional ethics, accepting multiple possibilities and valuing aesthetics so that he can keep himself beautiful. Most people can accept the heel, comfortable and smooth on the foot, no pressure, the shoe is delicate, wear full fat feet, winter coat with super feminine, stylish look good. For those who love Martin boots, like to plan everything well before, treat life is very careful and thoughtful, and always like to have a plan, never worry about sudden difficulties, full of reason, more pragmatic. Flat section to wear comfortable, style wild, thin leg was thin on the legs, adidas store the color of the ocean with a skirt pants are good-looking, light body shoes, wear it is very light.